Kaalstaart started in 2012. The festival is run by a group of artists seeking to diminish their dependency on institutional partners in finding an audience by taking control over the conditions necessary for creating and showing their work. We look out for locations and funding and take care of publicity. The rest is up to the artists and their audience. In this way we offer a platform for crossover art, experiments, young talents and collaborations that would otherwise struggle to find funding or exposure. We aim for Fair Pay for all participating artists. At the same time we insist on taking responsibility for the staging of our work, also when fortunes vary.


In 2022 Kaalstaart developed into a sailing festival visiting multiple cities aboard of historical barges.

Cargobarge Serendiep was transformed into a theate and fab lab by the artist collective Spullenmannen. It also houses the interactive Knopjesmuseum labyrinth.

The péniche Eestroom was converted into an exhibition space. Besides Kaalstaart the vessel is in use for documentary festival Plons.

Oostenwind sails cargo most of the time, but occasionaly facilitates arts project.


1. Art is not a product.
The laws of supply and demand do not apply to art. Let's quit talking about the art market.

2. Art trumps marketing.
A portfolio can't be exhibited. First comes the work, the network follows.

3. What is art without an audience?
Work becomes art when shown in public. Don't for invitations by museums, theaters or galleries. They'll catch up eventually.

4. Art is not made to order.
Artists need to eat, but collective labour agreements don't produce art. So be it.

Exhibit your work at Kaalstaart. Kaalstaart is a traveling group exhibition organized by and for the artists themselves. We scout locations, raise funds and make publicity. The proceeds are shared among the participants.